2015 Lexus GX


The 2015 Lexus GX is an SUV of your choice with the family. Its interior is coated with a very nice leather material, this car is the answer To Fans SUV Lexus Lexus branded with the quality no. 1. we will try to discuss about the design of this car from the engine. extrior and some changes to the New Lexus GX

This car will be powered by Apple technology devices with iOS 6. The driver can match his voice in an application that has been at the ready. The command also can be done simply by using voice commands such as answering phone calls, play music and add to the schedule your calendar

Exterior This New Lexus GX will be powered by LED lights that is definitely very good for your street lighting LED foglights SUV was added to this one. so it’s obvious this car is a dream car SUV’s fans. Car Interior It also would be lined with leather which is very nice and we were very confident that the interior of this car will give you the satisfaction of a very real

This car is very satisfactory security of its driver. starting from his existing air bag in front of and under the feet of the driver and passenger. car warning system is also very super sophisticated driver can determine if there are other cars or pedestrians passing behind the car. and automatic braking will be done by this car if a collision will happen, but you do not rely too much on this car system security because a good driver would have to drive it with caution

2015 Lexus GX engine will use an automatic transmission system and Manual and supported by the EPA system environmentally friendly fuel that this car will most likely use your gas but it is not certain you can visit the official site of Lexus cars there maybe you will get a more information certainly. and kapisitas cylinder cars will range between 4.6 liters and will produce a force that is very perfect for you

For the release date and price we can not tell you because we do not dare to fix the price of the car for pricing and dated 2015 Lexus GX out you can directly visiting an authorized dealer or visit the website lexus Lexus and some well-known automotive website was already leaking car design the more clearly