Next Camaro Redesign


Debuting in 1960, the Chevrolet Camaro has really made people amazed. company’s country of origin America really has made a change that never in think not, 2014 Chevy camero mabil dizzy still be excellent sport at a price that is below standard performance dah was already very unusual this time we will try to discuss the generation The latest from Chevy Camaro

The next model Chevy really redesign great car so for those of you who are curious quickly was to seek updated information from automotive websites affected. Next-generation Chevy Camero will actually make you more curious. vehicle platforms will be replaced on GM Alpha before it has been used by Cadillac ATS truly remarkable. according to rumors circulating rumors or deliberately wear patfom Cevy Camero is that the car feels lighter and faster that its definitely cheaper again

New Chevy camaro will use almost the same engine with the Cadillac ATS and its meodel that one again. engine of this car will produce 272 horsepower kurangebih incredible, and machines used according to rumors will continue to use the model V6 or V8, and it could have been complied series. and to the output or its release date, we can not tell you because of rumors circulating lately very inconclusive but we get the latest news from various sources that the car is likely to be on display at the auto show earlier this year but to date its output we hope that this car will be out by the end of next year or it could be mid-year. previous camaro car engine has been tested by using a 3.6-liter engine models and the V6 engine will generate power of 323 hp or more. for those of you who are still lacking the power of Chevy car on his other series issued Camaro SS with the 6.2-liter engine or even more and use a V8 engine and will generate power of 460 hp or even more, with the power of this car you may be taking a distance of 100 miles in just a few seconds

Price from Chevy camaro still not clear at the date of its release. for the previous model 2015 Chevy Camaro has been on sale at a price that is relatively affordable at $ 23.705 – $ 72.305 and it also depends on its model. but we think even though this car is still not able to reach all people, this car is really a car with engine power that is extraordinary. for those of you who are eager to have a car once it was diligent to save your salary